This is a website about my comic, "Knast & Aksel" who was publish in "BASSERNE" between 1992-95. *'Basserne' is the Danish version of the Beetle Bailey Comic Book.
The comic is called, "Knast & Aksel" in Danish but in English they
are renamed to, 'Harly & Wilson'. - still a working title.
Anyway...I hope you will enjoy this presentation even though I'm not perfect in English.

Enjoy, Bent Nielsen (Denmark)
  Basserne No. 381
The Plot
Harly & Wilson (English working title) takes place in an auto workshop in a typical Danish provincial town. Both are bachelors and work there as "mechanics", not hired for their skills to repair cars, but somehow by sheer chance just ended up there.
Their employer, 'Boss' tries to prevent, Harly & Wilson's many disasters while he struggle to hold on to those few customers who after all still use the garage, and at the same time, keeping and eye on his daughter, Susi's many tomfoolery
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  Harly & Wilson
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  Background story to Knast & Aksel - (Harly & Wilson)
  It started out as just a bit of fun where I made some funny sketches and used myself and a very dear childhood friend of mine, (the late) 'Jesper Vad' (37 years old) as caricature for 'Knast & Aksel'. The next step was to show my drawings to PIB who then recommend me to get in contact with the editor of "Basserne", the Danish Beetle Baily Comic Book, who also was very interested in 'Knast & Aksel'. The comic made its debut in May, 1992 in "Basserne" where it now and then was running from 1992 till 95.
  At the end of 1995 I had no longer time to make the comic. I had by then finish my education as a leisure-time teacher and gotten myself a new job working with kids in a after-school centre in Copenhagen. At the time I couldn't live only by doing comics, it didt'n pay much, so I was glad to begin my new job, working with kids. In 2006 'Knast & Aksel" was back in 'Basserne', but only once though, but it was nice to see those silly guys once more. - and who knows, if I'm lucky enough someone will publish 'Knast & Aksel' in an comic book, I will be very pleased if that would happen :)

  My creative side
.Bent Nielsen.
I was born in 1964 and my humle begining start-
ed in seventh grade where i became interested
in drawing. After a couple of years I sold my first cartoon to PIB, newspapers and magazines.
The art of animation was my next step. I worn
out quite a few pencils to animated cartoons like, Valhalla, Quark, (I directed one or two of them) Birdwar and film-commercials and what ever that was in my reach.
- Working in that field for many years I became a bit tried of the business and
  began working with kids where I later on became a fully trained leisure-time teacher. In between all that I made the comic 'Knast & Aksel' who was publish in "Basserne", (the Danish version of the Beetle Bailey comic book) between 1992-95.
In 2000 I made a short animated cartoon, a 'Star Wars'
parody which was shown on Danish television in a tv-programme called, 'Troldspejlet'.

You can find more information on some of the film I mentioned on my profile on imdb.com

You are welcome to sign my guestbook, it's called 'Gæstebog' in danish.

Take care,
Bent Nielsen.- November. 2006

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